We warmly welcome every visitor and user at our website DounPlus.com that is operated by our team. Our first priority is to give user the confidence that his/her information is entirely safe here and we will always protect the privacy of our user. Protection of the data is always the first preference of the users and our main aim is to protect their information to make them feel secure. In order to get the positive response, form the user, we will definitely need to enhance the level of protection for the users. If you want to know that how we will protect the data of our user, you have to read this entire Privacy Policy. This privacy policy will explain you that how we will protect the user’s data and save it from all kind of threats and security hacks. After reading this privacy policy, you will get to know about the detailed steps of the protection of user’s data. This privacy policy will explain you the various option of data collection and the disclosure of data and information as well. We ensure you one thing that, we will only collect information from the user whenever we need it, as we will never collect any information without any cause. We will never collect your personal information regardless of any need. The information that we will collect will always in accordance with the proceedings. Any user can visit our website and can browse the stuff as well and he/she remains unknown to us regardless the fact that he/she has an account on our website. It is to be assure that, by using our Site, you agreed to our Terms of use and Privacy policy.

Collection of Data

In this section, you will get the information about how we will collect the data from the user:


We DounPlus.com use the cookies at our Site for enhancing the quality of content and it is not mandatory for the user to accept the cookies as the user can visit the website without accepting the cookies. The small text files place on your computer can be used as cookies and we will use them for the identification of your browser and we will send it to your mobile phones. Cookies remain stored in the hard drive of your system and will communicate with us in the case when you will browse our website. We use cookies to keep ourselves updated with the record of total number of visitors on our websites and to see the fact that how many times our page is viewed by the user. These cookies help us in tracking the interest of the user.  By using the information that we are getting from cookies, we can keep our Site upgraded according to the demand of the user and this thing also helps us in accepting the fact that we are providing the best service to the user and they are satisfied form our quality of content. If you don’t want to accept the cookies, then you can block them from the setting of your browser. It is to inform you that after blocking the cookies, you may not find some functions working in a proper way. We allow the third party that display the advertisement on our Site DounPlus.com to set the cookies on your device in order to know your interest of clicking. The third party that will set the cookies on your browser will also get your information like your click stream, browser type and your scroll over sites and this non-personal information will help them to display the ads of your interest. Apart from displaying ads, DounPlus.com also ha the partnership with the advertisement companies in order to get the non-personal information of the user to display ads of their interest.

Compatibility information

We have the right to gather the information regarding your mobile devices or your browser through which you are browsing the Sites to ensure its compatibility with our website DounPlus.com and this compatibility will resolve all the issues regarding the installation of the Android games.

Third-party Information

We Dounplus.com uses the third-party information like your clicking patterns and your bowser type to know your interest and update our site according to your demands. In general, we use the information to keep user attached with our website. We allow the third-parties to place the cookies and beacons as well at our Site DounPlus.com to get information related to your clicking pattern and nature of your browsing.

Log Files

We DounPlus.com can also get some unquantified information regarding our visitors and that information includes: history of pages viewed by visitors, the browsing patterns and IP address. Log files are used to gather this kind of information.

Social and Third-party Ad Networks

DounPlus.com gathers information from third-parties and also expect from them to protect the data of the users so that user feel confident while browsing the website. It is to be mentioned that the third-parties, our partners that display advertisements and the content providers that you are accessing through our website have their own Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. DounPlus.com is not responsible for their content and Policies. If you are giving information to third-parties, then it is recommended to you to read their Privacy Policy before giving any kind of information to them because DounPlus.com is not responsible for any kind of issue regarding the third-parties. So, if you are using any site via DounPlus.com, then you should read its Privacy Policy to avoid any kind of issue. It is to inform you that the third-parties, advertisement companies and our partners can use the cookies to observe your preferences and to display ads according to them. The third-parties uses various technologies to get your preferences and DounPlus.com is not responsible for that technologies and also the actions that happens due to these them as it is purely the concern of the third-parties and they have their own Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Third-parties will use the cookies for collection your non-personal information that includes: your name, contact and e-mail address in order to know your interest and display ads related to your interest.

Change and Edit Privacy Policy

DounPlus.com have all the rights to make changes and revise the Privacy Policy whenever they need. But any kind of editing and revision in the Privacy Policy should be done by placing a prior notice for the users in order to let them know that we are changing our Privacy Policy.

Google Analytics

DounPlus.com also uses the services of Google Analytics provided by Google Inc. Google analytics also use cookies to analyze your browsing patterns that how you are using our website. These cookies can be used in the form of small text files placed in your computer. All the information that the Google Analytics provide is store on the Google Server in USA and the cookies are used to transfer this information. Google Analytics provide us a report regarding the usage of the website by the users by using all the information.

If you don’t want your browsing to be analyzed by the Google Analytics, you can block the cookies from the settings of your browser. As we mentioned it earlier that blocking the cookies may leads to the lack of functionality on the website. When you block the cookies, Google Analytics stops analyzing your data.

External Linking

At DounPlus.com you may find the links that take you to another website. DounPlus.com is not responsible for the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use of that third-party website. We suggest you to read their Privacy Policy before giving any kind of information.


For the maintenance of the records. DounPlus.com and the third-parties can collect the information that may include: click stream and IP address.